2020 Dissertation and Thesis Highlight

2020 Dissertation and Thesis Highlight

This past spring, six BJU Seminary students finished their dissertations or theses in completion of their respective degrees. The BJU Seminary family is grateful for the diligent effort of these men and for the positive impact they have had on the seminary community. Following is a brief highlight of each student, including information on their plans for ministry as they move forward.

andrew minnick

Degree: PhD, Theological Studies

Title: “Bringing Many Sons to Glory: A Biblical-Theological Investigation of the Intersection of Sonship and Resurrection and Its Implications for Filial Christology, Including the Christological Significance of the Πρωτότοκος Title”

Description: The dissertation seeks to move beyond the typical understanding that our and Christ’s resurrections will be/were an “adoption” and explains how Christ’s resurrection could be a “begetting” and thus make him the “Firstborn from the dead.”

Moving forward: Andrew will continue to serve on the staff of BJU Seminary. He hopes to someday return to Australia to train ministry leaders.

I’m very thankful to the faculty of BJU Seminary for the rigorous training they’ve given me in careful biblical theology.

atan taclob

Program: PhD, Theological Studies

Title: “A Biblical-Theological Analysis of the Fatherhood of God: A Response to Feminist Theologians’ Aversion to Patriarchal Images of God”

Description: Feminist theology has been attacking the doctrine of the fatherhood of God since the rise of the feminist movement in the 1960’s. This dissertation provides a comprehensive response to this attack based on a biblical-theological analysis of the fatherhood of God.

Moving forward: Atan will continue to serve as a missionary to the Philippines teaching at Bob Jones Memorial Bible College.

 It has been my privilege to study under humble, conservative, and gifted theologians and exegetes at Bob Jones Seminary. Highly recommended!

Kristopher endean

Program: PhD, Theological Studies

Title: “The Call to Leave Simplicity: A Biblical Theology of Culpable Spiritual Ignorance among the People of God” 

Description: This paper traces God’s response to sins of ignorance among His people from Genesis through Revelation in order to assess the level of culpability that God assigns when His people transgress in ways that they do not know—but in areas where God has revealed his will.

Moving forward: This fall, Kristopher will be joining the faculty and staff of International Baptist College and Seminary in Chandler, Arizona as Dean of Students and part-time undergraduate and seminary Bible faculty.

Although I am daunted by the responsibilities into which the Lord is thrusting me, I am confident that my time at BJU has given me the tools that I need (by the grace of God!) to live by the Scriptures and to teach the Scriptures. My employment at BJU as a graduate assistant and staff member during my eight years of graduate studies has been a key component of my training, and I am grateful to my work supervisors and professors alike for their faithful investment in my life.

alan benson

Program: Doctor of Ministry

Title: “Helping Gen Z Students at a Conservative Christian College Choose a Local Church”

Description: A case study of the process BJU went through in developing its new local church attendance policy with a focus on the necessity of preaching for spiritual decision making. The study focused on the learning style of Gen Z students and how they internalize decisions and the way that impacts student development philosophy.

Moving forward: Alan will be continuing on in his role as Vice President for Student Development and Discipleship at BJU.

I am incredibly thankful for the quality of training that I received through the Doctor of Ministry program at BJU Seminary. The education I received was theologically sound, academically rigorous, and practically oriented. Every class was purposeful and focused on implementation of the learning in ministry. My training not only prepared me to be a better minister but helped me to be a better person.  I am eternally grateful for the investment that has been made in my life by my professors, seminary leadership, and my fellow students.

Juan fernandez

Program: Doctor of Ministry

Title: “A Methodology for Training Hispanic Leaders in Church Administration for Pastoral Ministry in the United States” 

Description: This dissertation explores the God-given responsibility of steward leadership, the Hispanic thought process as affected by cultural heritage, and the web of legal regulations that affect churches in the United States.

Moving forward: Juan will continue to pastor Iglesia Bautista Tabernaculo in Greenville, SC. He hopes to use his research and writing to help train nationals in the area of church administration.

The biblical emphasis of the seminary, coupled with the instructors’ pastoral experience, made the Doctor of Ministry degree an attractive program of study. This program changed my ministerial life! Biblical preaching and having a God centered ministry based solely on Biblical truth rather than men’s preferences has now become the foundation for training and teaching the members of [Iglesia Bautista Tabernaculo] .

Judson greene

Program: Master of Arts, Biblical Language and Literature

Title: “At the Left Hand of the Son: God the Father’s Spatial Manifestation in Heaven”

Description: Much attention has been given to God in his divine essence and to the nature of the hypostatic union. Scholars have not sufficiently addressed the ontology of theophanies. This thesis argues that God the Father manifests Himself in a heavenly theophany that is spatially related to angels, the ascended Christ, and humans. 

Moving forward: Judson hopes to use this degree as he works as a carpenter. He also hopes to pursue doctoral work in Scripture and theology, d.v. 

I’m thankful that my professors have personally invested in me. I’m grateful that my undergraduate BJU degree in Humanities was the perfect complement to Master’s level study.

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