CoRE Conference (Feb. 11-12)

CoRE Conference (Feb. 11-12)

This year’s annual CoRE conference, hosted by BJU Seminary, addressed the important contemporary issue of “gender, sexuality, and the church.”

Tim Geiger, president of Harvest USA and one of the featured speakers, spoke powerfully through his own personal testimony, encouraging the church to talk about sex, sexuality, and gender and equipping the church to do so effectively by, among other things, building relationships that are a canvas on which the Spirit will communicate the Gospel.

There were three different workshop tracks led by Jim Newcomer, Ellen Dykas, and Tim Geiger—one for men, one for women, and one specifically for homosexuality. These workshops allowed the opportunity to dive deeper into these complex issues. The testimony of many is that these sessions brought clarity, hope, and confidence moving forward in dealing with sexual sins and navigating gender identity.

Rosaria Butterfield and Stuart Scott ministered to those at CoRE through video—Stuart through helpful instruction from the Word of God and Rosaria through the powerful testimony of God’s Word in her life.  

During the CoRE conference, BJU Seminary launched their new website and social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. These platforms are a means to provide resources and thought leadership on matters of theology and issues facing the church. Video interviews from the CoRE conference between Jim Berg and Jim Newcomer as well as between Sam Horn and Tim Geiger will be released through these platforms and the seminary’s newsletter.

With almost 1,000 who registered for this year’s conference, including via webcast, there is already much excitement as BJU Seminary plans to hosts next year’s CoRE Conference on the topic “New Life: Hope and Help for an Addicted World.”