New Work Honors Legacy of Michael Barrett

New Work Honors Legacy of Michael Barrett

This recently published work honors the legacy of former BJU professor, Michael Barrett. Barrett was a professor of Ancient Languages and Old Testament Theology and Interpretation at Bob Jones for nearly thirty years. He is currently the Academic Dean and Professor of Old Testament at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. Formerly, he also served as the president of Geneva Reformed Seminary and as an associate minister of Faith Free Presbyterian Church in Greenville, South Carolina.

Michael Barrett preaching at BJU Bible Conference, 2016

In his career, Barrett has authored half a dozen books in addition to numerous articles in religious and other professional journals. His passion for knowing God through the Scriptures is evidenced by the profound effect he has had on those who have sat under his teaching.

This book is marked by scholarly excellence, faithful exegesis, historical sensitivity, accurate exposition, and a passion to serve Christ and His body. As such, it is a fitting tribute to my professor and role model Mike Barrett, whose life epitomizes each of these virtues. Time spent in these pages will not be wasted.

Sam Horn, EVP for Enrollment and Ministerial Advancement at BJU & Dean of the Seminary.

The Old Testament Yesterday and Today is comprised of essays that cover a variety of historical, exegetical, and theological topics. The book’s essays are written by professors and pastors from a variety of backgrounds and cover topics such as “Hebrew Exegesis and Discourse Analysis: Soundings in Exodus 32–34” by Ken Casillas. The rest of the topics include:

  • “The Wisdom of a Father: How the Old Testament Shaped a Home” by Charles M. Barrett (Wayside Presbyterian Church, Signal Mountain, TN)
  • “The Myth of Baal: Anat’s Battle in the Valley” by John D. Currid (Reformed Theological Seminary)
  • “Proclaiming the Whole Counsel of God: Puritan Preaching of the Old Testament” by Joel R. Beeke (Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary)
  • “Protestant Still: Why the Reformation Matters Today” by Sean Michael Lucas (Reformed Theological Seminary)
  • “My Two Sons: Abraham and His Heir” by Rhett P. Dodson (Senior Minister, Grace Presbyterian Church, Hudson, OH)
  • “Wrestling with Luther and Calvin at the Jabbok River” by Mark S. Gignilliat (Beeson Divinity School)
  • “Who Judges the Judge? Psalm 82” by Kevin T. Bauder (Central Baptist Theological Seminary of Minneapolis)
  • “A Spider in Psalm 90:9: Disentangling a Web of Textual Corruption in the Septuagint and the Peshitta” by Richard A. Taylor (Dallas Theological Seminary)
  • “Righteousness, Justice, and Rectitude: Structure in Proverbs 2 and the Final Shape of Proverbs” by A. Philip Brown (God’s Bible School and College)
  • “Finding Messiah in the Old Testament—with the Rabbis” by Russell T. Fuller (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)
  • “The God of Love and His Command to Annihilate (Herem) the Canaanites” by Walter C. Kaiser Jr. (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary)
  • “Is Qoheleth Trustworthy?” by Steve L. Reynolds (missionary to limited-access countries)

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