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Recently Published

Dr. Ken Casillas is author of a recently released book, Beyond Chapter and Verse: The Theology and Practice of Biblical Application. The book provides a biblically based rationale for the practice of application and then proposes a biblically consistent method for application. The book is substantive but accessible, relevant for believers generally as well as preachers. It begins by sketching the broad theological context of Bible application, relating it to the gospel generally and to sanctification specifically. The heart of the study then synthesizes key Old and New Testament passages relative to the process of application. Building on this foundation, the book sets forth a sensible approach for arriving at legitimate applications of Scripture. A rich assortment of positive and negative case studies illustrates the method, motivating believers to apply the Scriptures for themselves.

“Casillas wrote this book with the heart of a pastor and with the biblically based conviction that Christ saves believers not only from God’s wrath but in order that we may increasingly image God’s holiness. Beyond Chapter and Verse supplies Christians with a theological framework and method of applying Scripture to our everyday lives. He suggest that our interpretive quest is to distinguish the timebound elements from the timeless truths, and he supplies a host of Old and New Testament examples that model an approach to Scripture that takes seriously the power of the gospel to save—past, present, and future. He helpfully distinguishes his approach from legalism, defines Christian liberty, and saturates his discussion with rich and careful biblical exposition. This thoroughly researched book is worshipful and will help those of us in Christ become more who we already are and who Christ saved us to be.”
— (Jason S. DeRouchie, Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Theology, Bethlehem College and Seminary)

“Many Christians have a problem with the Christian life. For some, Christianity is just a set of beliefs, and for others a rigid set of standards. There is in the gospel a dynamic to energize and guide life along the proper paths. God has given his Word to point his people to the way of piety. Casillas has charted a course showing how the truths of the Bible must translate to life. He effectively shows that Christianity is not just a religion; it is a way of life.”
— (Michael P. V. Barrett, Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary)

“How can an ancient book like the Bible guide us through the complexities of contemporary life? This is the question that Ken Casillas answers, and he does a fine job. This is an usual book, and one that is unusually insightful. Casillas challenged my thinking and he fed my soul.”
— (Kevin Bauder, Research Professor of Systematic Theology, Central Baptist Theological Seminary, Minneapolis)

“If you haven’t encountered difficulties in applying the Bible, then you haven’t spent much time applying it. Walking in a manner worthy of the gospel can seem unrealistic or, at the very least, incredibly difficult. But there is hope. This book is an encouraging aid in connecting the Bible with your life. These pages provide a helpful tool to joyfully and confidently build your life on God’s Word for his glory.”
— (Sam Horn, Executive Vice President for Enrollment and Ministerial Advancement, Dean of the School of Religion and the Seminary, Bob Jones University)

“Many of our problems in the Christian life are problems of how to ‘apply’ Scripture to ourselves. Ken Casillas helps us with a comprehensive study of the nature of application, including many specific examples. He shows how biblical writers themselves apply God’s Word, and how we, in turn, ought to do it. The book is based on a strong view of Scripture’s authority and sufficiency, and it shows a deep insight into the real problems we face in our walk with God. Casillas is especially concerned with sanctification—the doctrine of how the Spirit and the Word conform our lives to Christ. I hope that the book will gain a wide readership and thus be a great blessing to the church.”
— (John Frame, Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy Emeritus, Reformed Theological Seminary)

Ken Casillas is also the author of the Law and the Christian: God’s Light within God’s Limits.