Seminary and Science Symposium (March 26-28)

Seminary and Science Symposium (March 26-28)

In connection with his Christian Apologetics class (STh 613), Dr. Layton Talbert hosted two guest speakers from the BJU Division of Natural Science to discuss some extremely relevant topics related to current evangelical apologetic trends in the area of evolution. The lectures (50 minutes each) were open to all Seminarians—several students even bringing their spouses along!

Bill Lovegrove (PhD Engineering, Clemson University) spoke on “The Age of the Earth: The Modern Debate.” Dr. Lovegrove begins by candidly pointing out a potentially embarrassing fact that many evolutionists acknowledge (the universe really looks designed), and a potentially embarrassing fact that creationists must address (the universe really looks old). He proceeds to sift and weigh the evidence for and against the old earth view.

Brian Vogt (PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Florida), Head of BJU Department of Chemistry and Physics, presented “A Thoughtful Approach to Theistic Evolution.” Dr. Vogt addresses a progression of questions: (1) Why do some people find theistic evolution compelling? (2) Is evolution a scientific slam-dunk? (3) Is theistic evolution defensible, biblically or logically? (4) What is the role and goal of BioLogos in the current evangelical debate?

Both lectures are informative and thought-provoking, and both men approach their respective topics with thoughtfulness, humility, and the calm demeanor of professional scientists.

For access to the recordings and slides, see the links below.