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Ken Casillas | November 14, 2018
New Testament

Last fall I shared a helpful paper presented by Dr. Ron Horton at BJU Seminary’s Theological Research Symposium. This fall’s symposium was held on Monday. The first paper was by fellow blogger Dr. Layton Talbert. It discusses biblical statements concerning divine repentance and how these should and should not be interpreted. This topic of anthropopathism relates to contemporary discussions of divine impassibility and the “classical” doctrine of God. Click below and enjoy!

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  1. […] another post I shared a paper read by Layton Talbert at this fall’s Theological Research Symposium. Here I’m sharing […]

  2. Joshua Jensen says:

    Excellent. Thank you, Dr. Talbert, and thank you, Pastor Ken, for posting this.
    This has implications for translating the Bible in a post-Nida world. Metaphors and anthropomorphisms are dispensable, perhaps because tribal folk and the uneducated can’t be trusted with them. (GNT: Ps. 89:21 “My strength [hand] will always be with him, my power [arm] will make him strong.”) But if these are, at least potentially, simple statements of fact, do we dare turn them into abstractions? At the very least, we should be reluctant to exclude new Christians from the theological conversation by stripping out anything remotely challenging.
    The paper also brought this to mind:
    “FIRE. God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob, not of philosophers and scholars. Certitude, heartfelt joy, peace. God of Jesus Christ. God of Jesus Christ. ‘My God and your God.'” Blaise Pascal

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