All-In for Ministry Education

For information from the Sept. 13 update, view the meeting recording and slideshow or just the slideshow with speaker notes.

All-In for Ministry Education is an exclusive community of friends of BJU Seminary coming together to advance the 500 x 5 x 5 strategic vision.

WHY 500 X 5 X 5?

An entire generation of pastors is retiring, being forced from the pulpit or giving up because of inadequate church finances, doctrinal drift, the proliferation of “nones,” a “cancel culture” and confusion, isolation and fear from COVID-19.



  • LIFT BJU Seminary up in PRAYER
    • For young men to catch the 500 x 5 x 5 vision and enroll at the Seminary on a track toward ordained ministry.
    • For our goal of raising $1 million in scholarships.
    • For Executive Vice President Alan Benson, Dean Neal Cushman, our faculty and our expanded operational team as they implement the 5P PLAN.
    • For our efforts to further strengthen operations to accommodate higher enrollment and elevate the overall student experience.
    • For the growth of the All-In community.