Seminary Distinctives

The Local Church

We are serious about the local church. We exist to serve and equip the church with faithful ministers of God’s Word because the church is the institution God has ordained to evangelize and disciple all nations. Each student serves and is mentored in a local church, and the Seminary faculty have extensive pastoral, missionary, church planting, church revitalization and teaching experience.

The Scriptures

The 66 books of the Bible are inspired, inerrant, and sufficient for every human need. Therefore, BJU Seminary faculty train students to faithfully interpret, exegete, proclaim and defend the Word of God. We are committed to expository preaching and biblical counseling because evangelism and discipleship are impossible without true biblical understanding.

The Great Commandment

Because loving God is the believer’s highest pursuit, we seek to develop a passionate, personal relationship with the Lord. Therefore, we nourish devotion to Christ in all areas of life, including the classroom, Seminary chapel and personal mentoring. Likewise, we teach and model separation from the world and all elements that would draw us away from Christ.

The Great Commission

We believe that the goal and responsibility of the church is to make disciples of all nations. Our task, therefore, is to equip men and women to serve and lead in every aspect of fulfilling the Great Commission. We prioritize the teaching and practice of evangelism, discipleship and missions.

Mission Statement

BJU Seminary equips Christian leaders through an educational and ministry experience that is biblically shaped, theologically rich, historically significant and evangelistically robust.

Ministry Philosophy

BJU Seminary was founded in 1932 as a historic fundamentalist seminary. As such, it has defended the cardinal doctrines of the faith and has rejected ministry movements and philosophies that disparage these doctrines.

The Seminary is also nondenominational, which means that it has not embraced one denominational system of thought. BJU Seminary acknowledges that often theological tension exists between theological positions taught in Scripture, such as the free will of man versus the sovereignty of God.

BJU Seminary adheres to a balanced dispensational hermeneutic based on grammatico-historical reading of the biblical text that maintains the distinction between Israel and the church, recognizing that God has a plan for Israel in the future. BJU Seminary affirms premillennialism.


neal cushman — Dean

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In 1932, just five years after the founding of Bob Jones College, a master’s degree in Bible was offered to better prepare men for the ministry.  Since those small beginnings in the panhandle of Florida 92 years ago, thousands have completed graduate degrees in ministry training through the Seminary and Graduate School of Religion at Bob Jones University.

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