BJU Seminary is located in the midst of the beautiful and bustling community of Greenville, which is routinely ranked as one of the best cities in America. Known as one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, Greenville is experiencing an explosion in employment opportunities. With a beautiful downtown, growing businesses, amazing restaurants, and diverse population, it’s no wonder people love the culture here.

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Our seminary is located on the wonderful campus of Bob Jones University, enabling us to have well-kept athletic fields, residence halls for graduate students, incredible facilities, along with many on-campus food options, parking, and places for study. Though there are many nearby places for affordable housing, we offer apartment units, which can be as low as $300 a month for married couples.



Seminary is not just about classes and learning content; it’s a crucial time of discipleship and development. With one-on-one mentoring with faculty, ample ministry opportunities in local churches, and an environment to disciple undergraduate students, BJU Seminary offers an experience that will connect the theology you learn to the life you live.

Local Churches

An incredibly vital part of your ministry training takes place right in the context of your local church. More than half of our professors are current or former pastors, and as a faculty they are committed to helping you maximize your training, both in the classroom and in the church. The greater Greenville area is blessed with dozens of wonderful churches that could become your spiritual home. Many of them offer official internships, structured mentoring programs, opportunities for pulpit supply, and more.

The Center for Global Opportunities

The Center for Global Opportunities exists to promote a vision for and participation in 21st-century gospel expansion. The CGO facilitates student involvement in local outreach, community service, disaster relief, and world missions. Think of it as the connection point between BJU and a world of ministry, encouraging every student to reach beyond yourself for the sake of the gospel.



The Mack Library, well stocked with relevant theological resources and staffed by librarians familiar with the needs of upper-level theological students, will be one of your greatest aids in study. As of 2015, the library contains almost 400,000 items in total, with nearly 280,000 books in print, about 180,000 e-books, active subscriptions to over 700 periodicals, and access to about 200 databases. For all seminary students, there is also a special Research and Reading Room that is equipped with premier exegetical software and an additional theological reference library.

The Mack Library