Graduate Application Process

Apply to BJU Seminary

You can easily apply for BJU Seminary on our website. Once you register for an account, you can track the application process and receive updates along the way.

There is no application fee.

If you are an international student and will be taking in-person classes, there is a $250 enrollment deposit required at the time you submit your application. This $250 deposit is applied to your first month’s tuition and fees. It is designed to be a commitment fee and is refundable if you decide not to attend BJU prior to your official notification of admittance. After you are admitted, the fee cannot be refunded.

Items Needed to Complete your Application

After we receive our application, your Admission Counselor will reach out to you by phone or by email. He or she will help you through the entire application process.

  1. Request your official college or university transcript.

    This transcript should come to us directly from your college or university. It can be mailed or sent electronically (through a third party). If your transcript will be mailed, please send it to this address:

    1700 Wade Hampton Blvd
    Greenville, SC 29614

    If the transcript will be sent electronically, please email it to [email protected].

    Former BJU students: Please send a transcript from the institution(s) you have attended since the last time you were enrolled with BJU.
  2. Send us the following recommendations (people who will recommend you to our school):

    1. Church leader recommendation: This should be someone on the staff of your current church – a pastor, assistant pastor, youth pastor, ministry leader (elder, deacon, Sunday school teacher, outreach director, etc.).
    2. Second recommendation: If you have been enrolled with another school within the past twelve months, you may use a school official such as a professor, advisor, or dean as a recommendation. Or, you may use another church leader within the church or an employer, work manager, or supervisor where you are currently employed.

      Please keep in mind the following as you consider who will be your recommender:

      1. The recommender should have known you for a minimum of six months.
      2. They should have had regular, personal contact with you over the past six months, meaning that they have seen you regularly in person.
      3. They should not be related to you even by marriage—this includes a spouse or in-laws.

        Former BJU Students: Only one recommendation is required, preferably someone on the pastoral staff of your current church or a ministry leader (elder, deacon, Sunday school teacher, outreach director, etc.) of that church.
  3. Wait for the Deans Council to review your academic records and decide whether you are qualified for the program you want to pursue. Once they decide, the Admission Committee will decide on your application and get in contact with you.

Processing & Admission FAQs

How long will this take?

On average, it will take 4-6 weeks for your application to be processed.

If you are a former BJU student, it may take less time.

International students should expect a longer processing time for their applications.

What do I do once I’m admitted?

  1. Pay your enrollment deposit:

    If you are a new student and you will be taking your classes on campus, you will pay a $250 enrollment deposit. We suggest you pay this as soon as possible or no later than May 1 (for the Fall Semester) or December 1 (for the Spring Semester). This is not an extra fee – it will be applied to your tuition and fees. Remember, this is a nonrefundable fee.

    Former BJU Students: you will pay a $50 nonrefundable enrollment deposit.
  2. Stay in contact with the Seminary and your Admission Counselor about your questions. Your Admission Counselor will walk you all the way through the process to answer questions and concerns.
  3. Finalize financial aid:

    If you are interested in federal loans to help with your expenses, you should fill out the FAFSA. Also, see our website for additional financial aid information.

    The deadline for financial aid is June 30 (for the Fall Semester) and November 30 (for the Spring Semester). If you are taking courses online, contact the Financial Aid Office for guidance at:

    [email protected]
    1-800-252-6363 | (864) 370-1800, ext. 3040
  4. Contact the Seminary at [email protected] for assistance with your class registration.

What if I’m an International Student?

BJU will issue a Form I-20, usually between April and June if you are coming in the Fall semester or between October and November if you are coming for the Spring semester.

  • The I-20 will be issued and sent only after all your paperwork has been received by the Office of Admission and you have been fully admitted.
  • When you receive the I-20, you will first have to pay a $350 SEVIS I-901 fee; instructions for this will be included with your I-20. Then, schedule an appointment at a U.S. Consular Office to obtain a F-1 student visa. It may be several weeks before you can be scheduled for a visa appointment. After the appointment, it may take some additional time to receive the actual visa.

Note: Do not schedule a visa appointment until after you receive the I-20 and have paid the $350 SEVIS I-901 fee.