Tuition per semester (8–12 credits) $4,050
MDiv Tuition per semester (8–12 credits) $2,920
Room and Board $3,750
Program Fee per semester $370

Additional hours above 12 credits per semester
— $230 per credit (MDiv, $175)



Tuition per credit (1–7 credits per semester) $460
MDiv Program per credit $345
Program Fee per semester $370


Full-Time/Program Fee Per Semester

The program fee covers the use of the library, post office box rental, registration expenses, use of athletic and fitness facilities, computer labs, computer network access, and laboratory and supply fees associated with many courses.

The fee also covers the Concert, Opera & Drama Series tickets and admission to intercollegiate games for those taking six credits or more. For undergraduate students, the fee will vary according to their program and will be billed at the beginning of each semester. All privileges covered by the program fee are forfeited if a student withdraws for any reason during the course of the school year.

Non-Program Fees


Reservation (new student)*$250
Reservation (returning student)*$50

*Non-refundable fee that is credited toward the first month’s tuition and fees

Automobile Registration

Per semester$110


Validation examination fee per examination$50
TOEFL examination fee$30


Master’s, Master of Divinity degrees$110
Doctor’s degree$125
Diploma reorder$60


BJU Seminary Premium*$445
BJU Seminary Premium Plus*$575

*Students will choose from one of these two Logos libraries. These payments can be made in one lump sum or in 8 monthly payments.

Online Course

Additional online fee for resident students per credit$100

Practicum (Only Applicable to Biblical Counseling Degrees)

SCM 640 Biblical Counseling Practicum 1*$450
SCM 695 Biblical Counseling Practicum 2*$450

*The Jim and Patty Berg Scholarship of $500 may be available to offset one of these fees.

Registrar’s Office

Add a course$5
Drop a course$5


Seminary Student$65
Seminary Student with Spouse$100

Vintage (Yearbook)

Per semester$30

Explanation of Non-Program Fees

Reservation Fee

A reservation fee of $250 is required to hold a reservation. The reservation fee is not refundable. The fee is credited toward the first month’s tuition and fees.

Graduation Fee

Graduation fees include the cost of the diploma and the rental of academic regalia and are payable in full whether the candidate receives the degree in person or in absentia.


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