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October 12 – Brian Hand

men pray together

Viewpoint: “The Prayer of Faith Will Save the Sick”: Revisiting the Interpretive Difficulty in James 5:13–18

October 5 – Paul Overly

Podcast: What Is Beautiful?

September 28 – Ken Casillas

Podcast: Six Literal Days?

September 21 – Jim Berg

Podcast: Transforming Your Life!

September 7 – Christopher Zydowicz

Podcast: Godly Filmmaking?

August 2023

August 31 – Sam Horn

man prays, kneeling at front of church auditorium

Viewpoint: Above All, Pray!

August 10 – Bruce Meyer

woman cries by her bed

Viewpoint: Lament Psalms for Heavy Hearts

August 3 – Billy Gotcher

Podcast: Are You Living by Grace?

July 2023

July 27 – Ken Casillas

Podcast: What Is Worship?

July 20 – Greg Stiekes

American flag, cross, and Bible

Theology in 3D: The Ideology of Christian Nationalism and the Theology of the New Testament

Podcast: Christian Nationalism!

July 13

Podcast: Christian Teenagers Speak Out!

July 6 – Renton Rathbun & Andrew Dionne

Podcast: Theology Thursday: Rethinking Revoice!

June 2023

June 29 – Sam Horn

Viewpoint: James’ Picture of Patience Under Pressure — for God’s Purpose

Podcast: Theology Thursday: Suffering

June 22 – Melissa Gardenghi

Podcast: Math + Science = God

June 15 – Sam Horn

Podcast: Speaking the Truth in Love

June 8 – Renton Rathbun

Podcast: The Rise of AI

June 1 – Stuart Scott

Podcast: What Is God’s Will?

May 2023

May 25 – Stuart Scott

Podcast: God’s Will

May 18 – Brian Vogt

Podcast: One Christian’s Ongoing Cancer Journey

May 11 – Renton Rathbun

Podcast: How Science Killed God

May 4 – Neal Cushman

sun rays emerge from clouds

Viewpoint: Why Do People Believe in Heaven?

April 2023

April 27 – Christopher Zydowicz

Podcast: Christian Movies 101

April 20 – Renton Rathbun & Rick altizer

Podcast: Fatherhood

April 13 – Bruce Meyer

hands gripping chain link fence

Viewpoint: Loosening Fear’s Grip

Podcast: Fear

April 6 – Ken Casillas

Podcast: Theology Thursday: The Law

March 2023

March 30 – Renton Rathbun & Rosaria Butterfield

Podcast: Lies the Church Accepts

March 23 – Stuart Scott

Podcast: Theology Thursday: Caring for Widows

March 16 – Sam Horn

meat and asparagus on cutting board

Viewpoint: Enduring Hard Places and Dark Spaces: Spiritual Comfort Food, Not Junk Food

March 9 – Timothy Hughes

Podcast: Biblical Counseling

February 2023

February 23 – Sam Horn

water in clay jar

Viewpoint: James’ Two-Part ‘Bitter Water’ Test of Believers’ Faithfulness

Podcast: Are YOU Faithful?

February 16 – Billy Gotcher

Podcast: Chasing Stuff = Contentment?

February 9 – Alan Benson & marc Chetta

CoRE Conference 2023 Sessions on Personhood

Podcast: Personhood?

February 2 – Greg Stiekes

pulpit with no pastor behind it

Theology in 3D: The Invisible Pastor

Podcast: Theology Thursday: The Invisible Pastor

January 2023

January 26 – Renton Rathbun

man reads to wife and child

Viewpoint: Biblical Masculinity for Today’s Culture

Podcast: Toxic Masculinity!

January 19 – Sam Horn

one woman confronts a sad woman sitting in a chair

Viewpoint: A Divine Intervention: More than a Reality Show

Podcast: Divine Intervention

January 12 – Ken Casillas

Podcast: How to Apply the Bible

January 5 – Neal Cushman


Viewpoint: The Great Commission in 2023: Being Strategic in Missions Parts 1 & 2

December 2022

December 22 – Will Varner

creche on BJU's front campus

Viewpoint: A Future Messiah? Impossible!

December 15 – Sam Horn

small wrapped Christmas gift

Viewpoint: What Is a Messiah, and Why Do We Need One?

Podcast: Why a Messiah?

December 8 – Renton Rathbun

wooden manger

Viewpoint: Christ’s Incarnation and Its Effect on Biblical Worldview

Podcast: Do You Have a Christmas Worldview?

December 1 – Bill Lovegrove

man stands gazing at the stars

Viewpoint: The Meaning of Life: God, Nothing or Stardust?

Podcast: The Meaning of Life

November 2022

November 17 – Sam Horn

Viewpoint: Wisdom from Above Produces Blessings and a Harvest Here Below

Podcast: What Is True Wisdom?

November 10 – Greg Stiekes

pile of "I voted" stickers

Theology in 3D: Surviving November Madness


November 3

Podcast: Environmentalism

October 2022

October 27 – Brent Cook & David Lovegrove

Podcast: Special … or Just a Caveman?

October 20 – Sam Horn

two women sit apart against a wall with arms crossed and heads turned in opposite directions

Viewpoint: Worldly Wisdom and the Faith-Practice Gap

Podcast: Believers Behaving Badly!

October 13 – Michael Riley

man with thoughtful face reads on a bench outside

Viewpoint: Why Christians Can Have Certain Knowledge

October 6 – Renton Rathbun

Podcast: Gay and Christian?

September 2022

September 29 – Sam Horn

father and son walk together

Viewpoint: True Fatherhood: Two Pictures, Six Commitments from James

September 22 – Mark Vowels

Syrian refugee girl looks out of hole in tent

Viewpoint: Serving Refugees: Meeting Needs and Proclaiming Christ

Podcast: Serving Refugees?

September 15 – Renton Rathbun & Brian Vogt

Podcast: How to Be an Animal?

September 8 – Stuart Scott

Podcast: Prodigal Children Pt2

September 1 – Stuart Scott

Podcast: Prodigal Children … of All Ages

August 2022

August 25 – Sam Horn

a ruler

Viewpoint: So Are You a ‘Wise Guy’ by God’s Standard?

August 18 – Steve Pettit

Podcast: A New School Year!

August 11 – Billy Gotcher

man stand on cliff in fog with glimpses of blue sky and sun

Viewpoint: Seeing Through the Fog: A Lesson on Discernment

Podcast: Seeing Through the Fog

August 4 – Bruce Meyer

woman sits with her face in her hand

Viewpoint: How to Overcome Shame

Podcast: Dealing with Shame

July 2022

July 28 – Ken Casillas, Billy Gotcher, Timothy Hughes

Podcast: Theology Thursday Roadtrip!

July 21 – Renton Rathbun

Viewpoint: What Makes a Christian College Education Truly Christian

Podcast: Christian College … Really?

July 14 – Sam Horn

side profile of mouth

Viewpoint: The Sermon on the Mouth: The True Measure of a Ministry

Podcast: The Sermon on the Mouth

June 2022

JunE 30 – Gary Weier

night sky with stars and mountains

Viewpoint: Something Lives in Every Hue: God’s Revelation to the Believer

Podcast: Is God Speaking?

JunE 23 – Sam Horn

metal chain link

Viewpoint: Abraham, God’s ‘True-Blue’ Friend

Podcast: Friendship with God

JunE 16 – Renton Rathbun

large tiered classroom of a college or university

Viewpoint: Should My Child Go to a Secular University?

Podcast: Are Secular Colleges Grooming Your Kids?

JunE 9 – Greg stiekes

Theology in 3D: Surprised by Assurance: A Journey Through the Book of Revelation, Part 3

man sitting on deck looking out over water at sunrise

Theology in 3D: Surprised by Assurance: A Journey Through the Book of Revelation, Part 4

Podcast: Journey Through Revelation pt 2

JunE 2 – Greg stiekes

man raises his arms in victory

Theology in 3D: Surprised by Assurance: A Journey Through the Book of Revelation, Part 1

control tower at an airport

Theology in 3D: Surprised by Assurance: A Journey Through the Book of Revelation, Part 2

Podcast: Book of Revelation

May 2022

May 26 – Sam Horn

apple tree bears fruit

Viewpoint: It’s Not ‘Faith Versus Works’: It’s ‘Living Versus Dead Faith’

Podcast: Dr. Sam Horn

May 19 – Renton Rathbun

Two women communicating with each other at a coffee shop

Viewpoint: The Key to Effectually Communicating with Unbelievers

Podcast: Killing Lost People

May 12 – Gary Weier

Woman from BJU School of Religion walks across stage with diploma

Viewpoint: Education That Prepares Students for Life

Podcast: Sheep to Slaughter?

May 5 – Ken Burkett

Viewpoint: Why Elijah Did Not Go to Heaven in the Whirlwind

JBTW Article: Did Elijah Really Ascend into Heaven in a Whirlwind?

Podcast: Is the Bible Wrong?

April 2022

April 28 – Sam Horn

girl with crossed arms looks away from man

Viewpoint: Faith vs. Favoritism: How the Sin of Partiality Distorts the Gospel

April 21 – Bruce Meyer

light shines into an empty tomb

Viewpoint: The Reality and Unmatched Hope of Jesus’ Resurrection

Podcast: What if It’s a Lie?

April 14 – Renton Rathbun

Two women communicating with each other at a coffee shop

Viewpoint: The Key to Effectually Communicating with Unbelievers

Podcast: Talking to Unbelievers

April 7 – Jim Berg

man stands where path divides, one side is bright while the other is dark

Viewpoint: Freedom from Addiction as Slaves to God

Podcast: Freedom from Addiction

March 2022

March 31 – Steve Hankins

in the distance a man stands alone among desert hills

Viewpoint: How to Face Opposition with Jeremiah’s Model for Ministry

Podcast: Theology Thursday: Facing Opposition

March 24 – Greg stiekes

people collaborating at a table with computers

Viewpoint: Collaborative Theology: Improving Research Within Community

Podcast: Is Your Theology Peer Reviewed?

March 17 – Ken Casillas

Scrabble letters spell wisdom on an open Bible

Viewpoint: Conventional Wisdom vs. Biblical Theology

Spring 2022 Journal of Biblical Theology & Worldview

Podcast: Conventional Wisdom vs. Biblical Theology

March 10 – Sam Horn

piles of $5 bills

Viewpoint: Approaching Wealth and Poverty: The True Test of Faith

Podcast: Theology Thursday: Wealth & Poverty

March 3 – Les Ollila

Moses parts the Red Sea

Viewpoint: The Leader God Wants Today and 4 Qualities He Needs

February 2022

Feb. 24 – Jason Ormiston

woman protests in a crowd against injustice

Viewpoint: Contend for God’s Justice in Perilous Times

BJU Bible Conference

Podcast: Cities in Chaos

Feb. 17 – Sam HOrn

a small green plant alone in black soil

Viewpoint: Restoring Living Faith Through Confrontation and Prayer

Feb. 10 – Renton Rathbun

soldier with gun plunges through water with war cry

Viewpoint: Our War Cry for Spiritual Battle: Prayer Makes Us Dangerous

Podcast: Theology vs. Worldview

Feb. 3 – Steve Pettit

Preparing to Run to Receive the Prize … for Christ

Highest Potential Podcast: How BJU Received $100K from Elon Musk

Christian Liberal Arts Education—Preparation for Life

Spiritual Emphasis, Academics Shape Transfer Students

Podcast: Theology Thursday; Running to Win!

January 2022

Jan. 31 – Various Seminary Leaders

Old Testament Foundations for Justice in Society by Ken Casillas

Journal of Biblical Theology & Worldview, vol. 2, no. 1, 2021

2022 CoRE Conference: “AWAKE! Proclaiming Truth to a Broken Culture”

Podcast: Church vs Culture

Jan. 27 – Billy Gotcher

Viewpoint: Redeeming Times of Affliction for Effective Ministry

Podcast: Theology Thursday: Redeeming Affliction

Jan. 20 – Sam Horn

a picture of an early ultrasound being held by two people

Viewpoint: ‘Choose Life!’ The Theology of the Sanctity of Life

Podcast: The Theology of Sanctity of Life

Jan. 13 – Sam Horn

straight empty paved road in desert

Viewpoint: Lessons from Samuel on Reawakening in 2022: Accept, Obey, Observe

Podcast: Theology of 2022

Jan. 6 – Alan Benson

Viewpoint: God Is on the Move in 2022: Investing in Pastors to Advance the Gospel

2022 CoRE Conference: “AWAKE! Proclaiming Truth to a Broken Culture”

Podcast: Pastor Problems, with BJU

December 2021

Dec. 22 – Sam Horn

The angel Gabriel tells Zechariah about the coming birth of John the Baptist

Viewpoint: The Forgotten Christmas Son: Four Names, Four Promises for Christmas 2021

Podcast: The Forgotten Son

Dec. 16 – Billy Gotcher

woman stands praying in a field at sunrise

Viewpoint: Joy + Wisdom: James’ Formula for Addressing COVID-19 and a Complex Culture

Podcast: Theology of COVID Response

Dec. 9 – Neal Cushman

desk filled with books and a laptop

Viewpoint: What Is Next-Level Theological Scholarship for, and Who Needs It Anyway?

Journal of Biblical Theology & Worldview

Podcast: Ivory Tower Theology

Dec. 2 – Greg Stiekes

Eve takes fruit from the tree as the serpent tempts her

Theology in 3D: The Fall of Eve in the Letters of Paul — and Why It Matters Today

Podcast: The Theology of Eve

November 2021

Nov. 18 – Sam Horn

Silhouette of a man facing a fire

Viewpoint: The Theology of Trial: Finding Your New Normal on the ‘Fire Road’

Silhouette of a man facing a fire

Pastoral Teaching Resource: Leading Others Walking on the ‘Fire Road’

Access all pastoral resources through All-In Daily (Pastoral Community) Facebook group.

Podcast: The Theology of Trials

Nov. 11 – Les Ollila

Noah's ark floats on the water as rain falls

Viewpoint: Humanism in High Gear: Leading by Faith in a Fallen World

Pastoral Resource: Leadership Within the Church

Access all pastoral resources through All-In Daily (Pastoral Community) Facebook group.

Stewart Custer Lecture Series

Building Great Leaders with Dr. Les Ollila on

Podcast: Theology of Leadership

Nov. 4 – Brian Trainer

Viewpoint: Boldly Battling Missions Headwinds

Pastoral Teaching Resource: Prioritizing Missions Within Your Church

Access all pastoral resources through All-In Daily (Pastoral Community) Facebook group.

Podcast: Theology Thursday

October 2021

Oct. 28 – Mark Ward

A Bible lying on a table reads on the spine, "The Word of God: Authorized KJV"

Viewpoint: Let Me Help You Help Your KJV-Only Friend

Podcast: King James Bible…Only???

Oct. 21 – Jim Berg

Viewpoint: A Biblical Understanding of Addiction

Pastoral Resources: FREE Help! I’m Addicted booklet, plus a presentation and handout from the 2020 CoRE Conference which compares the disease model with the biblical view of addiction

Access all pastoral resources through All-In Daily (Pastoral Community) Facebook group.

The booklet and other counseling resources can be purchased at the Freedom That Lasts® store.

Podcast: Theology of Addiction

Oct. 14 – Neal Cushman

Woman works while her children sit behind her on a couch

Viewpoint: Not God’s Design: Women Focusing on Careers Above Family (Part II)

Worksheet: Should Women Prioritize Career over Family?

Access all pastoral resources through All-In Daily (Pastoral Community) Facebook group.

Podcast: Not God’s Design Pt 2

Oct. 7 – Neal Cushman

man sculpting in his workshop

Viewpoint: Not God’s Design: Men Falling Out of the Workforce (Part I)

Podcast: Not God’s Design

September 2021

Sept. 30 – Sam Horn

Man in armor stands poised with sword and shield

Viewpoint: Winning the Spiritual Warfare in Today’s Broken Culture: (Our) Peace Through (God’s) Strength

Podcast: Spiritual Warfare Today

Sept. 23 – Gary Weier

Person walks while looking at media technology on phone

Viewpoint: The Theology of Media Technology

Podcast: The Theology of Media Technology

Sept. 16 – Alan Benson

Viewpoint: The Tale of Your Tongue — and Texts

Podcast: “The Tale of the Tongue…and Texts.”

Sept. 9 – Bruce Meyer

Viewpoint: Sufficient Word — Even for Counsel

Podcast: Theology Thursday: Sexual Sin & the Church

Sept. 2 – Steve Pettit

Podcast: NEW Theology Thursday!