Seminary chapel is a highlight of our weekly schedule. It is a time when the seminary community gathers to worship together, be edified by the Word, and lift one another up in prayer. Our chapel times feature speakers with a pastoral heart and high regard for Scripture.

Seminary chapel is open to all members of the community, and services begin at 11:00 a.m. in the seminary building. This year, our weekly services will be held on Wednesday.

Seminary Chapel is designed to:

  • Model in-depth ministry of the Word
  • Address relevant issues in church ministry
  • Encourage spiritual community among our seminary community


The need for proclaiming the Word in today’s cancel culture is great. It is a daunting challenge — the cancel culture wants to defeat you as a Christian because you believe the Bible, love Christ and care about people’s eternal future.

But the Word of God cannot be canceled. It is invincible — too powerful to be defeated!

Join us this semester as we explore what the book of Jeremiah has to say about this year’s theme, “Proclaiming the Invincible Word in a Cancel Culture.”


*Remainder of the schedule TBA. All chapel services start at 11:00 a.m. EST in Seminary Room 113.*

January 12Neal CushmanSeries in Review
January 19Alan BensonProclamation to Fellow Ministers (Jer. 45)
January 26Mark MinnickProclamation of Sovereign Judgement (Jer. 18)
February 2TBAProclamation That Challenges Idolatry (Jer. 10)
February 9Timothy HughesProclamation Against Those Who Give Ear to False Prophets (Jer. 5, 23, 28)
February 23Les Ollila
March 2Steve HankinsProclamation and Prayer (Jer. 32)
March 9Eric NewtonProclamation of an Invincible Word to Vincible Rulers (Jer. 36)
March 16Student-ledTBA
March 30Ken Casillas Proclamation That Indicts the Nations (Jer. 46-51)
April 13Layton TalbertWhy the New Covenant Is Such Good News (Jer. 30-33)
April 20Brian Trainer Proclamation and the Restoration of Israel (Jer. 33)
April 27Rick CrossThe New Covenant and the 21st-Century Gentile Church (2 Cor. 3)
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