Support the ‘$500,000 for 500x5x5’ Matching Gift Challenge!

Ministry education is on the move at BJU Seminary with the 500 x 5 x 5 strategic vision — putting 500 pastors on the path to the pulpit in the next five years, and every five after that to help fill a nationwide shortage of pastors — and the 5P Plan to achieve it.

To advance that vision, a BJU alumni couple has made an extraordinarily generous pledge of $250,000 to be matched by another $250,000 in gifts by Dec. 18 for a total of $500,000 for 500 x 5 x 5!

To reach our goal, we’ve launched a 4th quarter campaign across a range of platforms to raise the remaining amount. We’ll update our progress weekly.

Here are some of the 5P Plan initiatives this $500,000 will help fund:

  • Planned scholarships
    • 4+2 Scholarship (tuition for select pastoral candidates completing a BA in biblical studies and an MDiv in six years total)
      • Year 1 – $25,000
      • Year 2 – $147,000
      • Year 3 – $269,000
    • Jim and Patty Berg Biblical Counseling Scholarship – $20,000 per year
    • Church Matching Scholarship – $100,000 per year
  • New faculty and operational staff – $81,000
  • Facility upgrades (inside and outside) – $335,000
  • Livestream technology and monitors – $75,000
  • SIS and website consulting – $48,000 per year (estimate)

We’re confident that many alumni and ministry partners will want to help this couple realize the 500 x 5 x 5 vision by participating in the challenge and also by directing others to this page so they can join the effort to put pastors in the pulpit and keep them there.

Thank you in advance for your generous support!