Local Ministry

Seminary is about more than just a degree. It’s about equipping yourself for the ministries God is preparing you for. An important part of that preparation involves what you do outside of the classroom with the opportunities that are here in front of you.

Local church

An incredibly vital part of your ministry training takes place in the context of your local church. More than half of our professors are current or former pastors, and they are committed to helping you maximize your training, both in the classroom and in the church. The greater Greenville area is blessed with dozens of wonderful churches that could become your spiritual home. Many of them offer official internships, structured mentoring programs, opportunities for pulpit supply and more.


Our professors are committed to investing in you personally. With an 8:1 student-faculty ratio, your training here will provide you with ample opportunities to develop relationships with your professors. In addition to their formal training, our faculty has years of experience serving as missionaries, evangelists, youth pastors, church planters, pastors and more. This combination of formal and practical training will equip you for your future mission field.


The Center for Global Opportunities exists to promote a vision for and participation in 21st-century gospel expansion. The CGO facilitates student involvement in local outreach, community service, disaster relief and world missions. Think of it as the connection point between BJU and a world of ministry, encouraging every student to reach beyond yourself for the sake of the Gospel.


The work of the ministry is the work of discipleship. In addition to the relationships you will have through your local church, there are an abundance of discipleship opportunities right here on campus. Being in such close contact with the undergrad students of Bob Jones University opens doors to invest in the lives of others while you are being invested in. Society partners, informal Bible studies and even full-time mentoring positions are all great ways to live out God’s call to make disciples.