Stewart Custer Lecture Series

The Stewart Custer Lecture Series — which honors one of BJU Seminary’s most celebrated scholars, the late Dr. Stewart Custer, who served 56 years at the Seminary and BJU — offers insights into contemporary challenges to the church based on in-depth, faithful analysis of the biblical text. Each fall we invite a conservative scholar to lecture in his area of expertise.


The lecture series sessions will be held in person and online on Tuesday, Nov. 9.

8-8:50 a.m.Session 1: “Where Are the Men? A Theology of Biblical Manhood”Stratton Hall
9-9:50 a.m.Session 2: “Faith: Leading in a Fallen World”Stratton Hall
10-10:50 a.m.Session 3: Panel discussion including Seminary faculty membersStratton Hall
11-11:35 a.m.Session 4: Understanding our Mission: Absolutes v. Relatives” (BJU-wide chapel session)FMA

Watch Live

Each session will be open a few minutes before starting time. During Sessions 1 and 2, follow along with the provided handout:

Session 1 – 8 a.m. ET
Session 2 – 9 a.m. ET
Session 3 – 10 a.m. ET
Session 4 – 11 a.m. ET


This year’s theme, “Biblical Leadership: A Theological Perspective,” addresses the need for filling the leadership vacuum in the church today, both in the pulpit and the pews — especially when it comes to decreasing male leadership — and the need for equipping our pastor guests and our students with keen theological insights to speak that truth into today’s fallen culture.


Our featured speaker Les Ollila knows what it takes for men to become church leaders. He’s been producing, equipping and encouraging them for more than half a century under the watchword, “Leadership is not lordship, but servitude.”

About Les Ollila

Les Ollila is the founder and director of Building Great Leaders, a ministry devoted to producing effective servant-leaders in the pulpit and the church as well as providing them instruction, encouragement and resources. In addition to serving as president of Northland Baptist Bible College (1984-2002) and later as its chancellor (2003-2013), Ollila is a nationally recognized seminar and conference speaker in the area of leadership training, Christian educators’ conferences, family-centered church meetings, summer camps and Christian school ministries.


If you would like to attend this free event in person or via livestream, please register with the form below. You will receive the streaming link in an email before the event.