Stewart Custer Lecture Series 2019


In the United States, political drama is being played out in the media every day: Republican vs Democrat, conservative vs liberal, capitalism vs socialism, those who are for Trump vs those who are against him, and so forth. How do we respond to this political theater as believers in Christ?

To answer that question, we are welcoming to our campus Dr. Andy Naselli, coauthor of Conscience: What It Is, How to Train It, and Loving Those Who Differ. He will apply his work on the conscience to the political scene, addressing the political issues on which all Christian should agree and also addressing issues on which it is fine for Christian to disagree as a matter of conscience. He will also explain biblically how believers may properly and graciously disagree in such matters.

As an added feature, Dr. Naselli will also present some of his recent research, a biblical theology of snake and dragons, a forthcoming publication set to appear in the Fall of 2020.


Andy Naselli


Session 1 – Politics and the Christian Conscience Part 1

Session 2 – Politics and the Christian Conscience Part 2

Session 3A Biblical Theology of Snakes and Dragons