Biblical Studies, MA

Excellence in Bible Exposition

Newly structured: 37 credits 100% online or residential, which includes 23 hours of biblical introduction and theological studies, 5 hours of hermeneutics and sermon/lesson preparation, and 6 hours of biblical counseling.

Courses taught in four formats: Residential, online, advanced modules, and evening flex classes. Also, many of the residential, advanced modules, and evening flex classes are livestreamed.


At BJU Seminary we are committed to the careful teaching of the authoritative Word of God and the application of the Word in various ministries. That is why we have designed our MA in Biblical Studies to focus on excellence in the interpretation of the biblical text and the communication of that text. Whether the Lord is calling you to full-time communication of the Word or to serve as a lay teacher in your church, this degree will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to more effectively serve Christ.


Life is very busy for a committed pastor or a faithful layperson, and the idea of enrolling in a degree program may seem daunting in terms of time commitment and academic difficulty. While our seminary seeks a high standard of excellence, we also want the MA in Biblical Studies to be as accessible as possible for our students. All of the courses are offered either in residence or online. Furthermore, each course is taught by a professor who is committed to helping you succeed in the classroom as well in your ministry.


Each student will be able to:

The MA in Biblical Studies is a flexible degree program for students who desire advanced education in the theology of the Bible with a goal of strengthening the student’s ability to carefully exegete and teach the text. The program provides an essential foundation for preaching or teaching in your calling as a pastor, youth pastor, counselor, missionary, Christian school teacher, or lay leader in a local church.

This degree program has no Greek or Hebrew language requirements. All credits in this Master of Arts program may be applied toward the Master of Divinity degree.

Courses (37 Credits)

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