Biblical Language and Literature, MA

Research and Advanced Academic Experiences (55 CREDITS)

The MA in Biblical Language and Literature is our most advanced MA degree. The program is designed to prepare students for high levels of academic and ministry work, taking spiritually-driven, Christ-centered men and women and making them excellent interpreters of Scripture.The 55 credit hours include 1 credit in Theological Research that you will take at the beginning of the program. They also include 3 credits of work to write a master’s thesis of 40–80 pages as the culmination of your graduate experience.

Students will become competent and experienced in some of the highest levels of theological studies in preparation for teaching, missions, or pastoral ministry. Students become proficient in Greek, Hebrew, biblical theology, systematic theology, and theological research and writing. The degree also positions students well for doctoral work. Students completing the degree may enter directly into the PhD program at BJU Seminary or another school that requires an extensive foundation of graduate work prior to application.

Biblical Language and Literature Program

Each student will be able to:

  • Articulate and defend Christian doctrine apologetically from the text of Scripture.
  • Translate the Bible from the original languages of Greek and Hebrew.
  • Write on a scholarly level in the field of biblical studies.

Whether you are preparing for a teaching or preaching ministry or intend to pursue a terminal degree, the MA in Language and Literature will sharpen your skills of biblical exposition, theological research and writing, and use of biblical languages, equipping you for maximum personal growth and ministry success. And with multiple class options, it is possible to earn this degree without living in the Greenville area.

Class Options


Residential courses extend over the Fall and Spring semesters with a break in the middle of each semester. To make these courses available for distance students, many classes are live-streamed.

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Residential, module, and evening flex classes are often live-streamed, making it possible to interact live with a classroom from virtually anywhere in the world.

Online courses allow the convenience of working in an asynchronous program, meaning that students do not typically meet at prescribed times; rather, most tasks take place on a week-by-week basis over the seven-week period. Some online courses, such as Greek and Hebrew, are covered over fourteen weeks.

Module weeks are offered during the Fall and Spring semesters and sometimes during the summer. Each module contains one week in residency, preceded and followed by six-weeks of distance course work. The one week in residency is often offered through live-stream as well.

Students with day jobs can take classes on Monday or Thursday evening. Five credits of class can be possible on both Monday and Thursday evenings, with two-credit classes meeting for one hour and three-credit classes meeting for two hours. Many classes are live-streamed as well.