Doctor of Ministry

Worthy of Double Honor

Newly structured: 32 credit hours, including 6 hours toward the dissertation. Advanced modules, online courses, independent study, and teaching practicum are all available options.

Professional ministry courses are offered through class lectures, directed reading with written reviews, intensive discussion and interaction with faculty and other students, and ministry-related papers and projects.

Classes can be taken online or through one-week seminars that meet on campus three times a year—spring, summer, and fall.


The Doctor of Ministry in Expository Preaching (DMin) is our most advanced professional ministry degree for those already engaged in full-time pastoral or missionary ministry. It is designed to deepen and sharpen the minister’s ability to proclaim the Scriptures and to strengthen his competency in serving the church. You will receive practical instruction from highly qualified, experienced faculty who have themselves ministered in the church—most of them as pastors—for many years. The degree is comprised of three main areas, including courses in expository preaching, courses in areas of personal ministry and counseling, and a ministry project that culminates in a doctoral dissertation. Those applying for this degree program must have a Master of Divinity degree or its equivalent with a 3.0 minimum GPA. However, ministers with only a master’s degree are also invited to apply, and in many cases may be admitted to the program with some extra courses assigned to bring them up to the MDiv equivalency. 

This is advanced instruction in expository preaching for pastors, parachurch leaders, missionaries, and college professors.


You have been faithfully serving the Lord, perhaps as a pastor, associate pastor, or missionary for several years. Through the crucible of ministry experience, the Lord has shaped your life and service far beyond the classroom knowledge of your seminary days. Now, questions you didn’t even know to ask when you first began your ministry cross your mind daily. Maybe you recognize aspects of your preaching and teaching that you would like to revitalize, or there is a particular challenge in your ministry you would like to focus on. Maybe you desire once again to exchange biblical ideas and sharpen iron in the fellowship of other ministers who share a journey similar to your own. Now is an excellent time for you to apply for the Doctor of Ministry in Expository Preaching. Especially designed for those who have already been serving in the ministry with a Master of Divinity or its equivalent, the DMin degree will sharpen your ability to proclaim the Word of God as well as allow you to focus on special ministry needs. Plus, the program is designed with the busy pastor in mind, with courses offered both online and as one-week seminars.


Each student will be able to:
  • Apply principles of interpretation to Scripture.
  • Apply Scripture to practical questions and problems of life for sermonic development.
  • Create and defend a research project or dissertation related to expository preaching.