Intercultural Studies, MA

Where Theology Intersects Culture

Newly structured: 45-54 credits. Classes are offered in residence, online, through advance modules and evening flex classes. Many of the classes are also livestreamed.

Two Concentrations: Theology & Missions Strategy, Linguistics and Translation.

Involves a 6-week (minimum) cross-cultural internship.


The Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies integrates the study of Scripture, theology, culture, and missions strategy to prepare you for leadership roles in cross-cultural settings or in multicultural ministry in your home country. The coursework in this program will give you a firm foundation of hermeneutics, exegesis, and theology. Practical studies follow with an emphasis on prayer, evangelism, discipleship, teaching skills, leadership principles, teamwork, cultural anthropology, and understanding world religions. Upon receiving this degree, you may continue to pursue a doctoral degree, or you may begin a career in either missionary ministry or another ministry or career that requires an international skillset.

The MA in Intercultural Studies is for those who aspire to the follow vocations:

  • Missions leadership
  • Bible translator
  • Bible literacy in a foreign context
  • Multi-cultural church planter
  • Cross-cultural non-government worker


Perhaps you are preparing for missionary service or Bible translation. Or, perhaps you are forming a strategy to start a church in a multicultural setting. Maybe you are already engaged in ministry and feel the need to take your skill to the next level. If so, BJU Seminary’s Intercultural Studies degree provides the education you need. Because the courses are offered in various formats, this degree program is accessible to you wherever you are. You can take resident classes at BJU Seminary, but you can also receive courses as 7-week online classes. Some of the courses are also offered in one-week modules at BJU Seminary, and others are offered through live video technology.


Unlike many other cross-cultural degree programs offered on the seminary level, BJU Seminary’s Intercultural Studies MA is solidly grounded in Bible and theology, yet it is also intensely practical. You will receive competent training in biblical interpretation, theology, linguistics, original languages, culture, and cross-cultural ministry strategy.

Then, as a culmination of this program, you will put your classroom training to the test in a 6-week (minimum) cross-cultural internship.

This program starts with 26 core credits. If your focus is cross-cultural ministry in general, you will want to choose the additional 18-credit Theology and Missions Strategy concentration. This concentration will deepen your understanding of theology and provide you with the experience of ministering in a foreign culture.

If you feel called to a ministry of Bible translation or linguistics your internship will take place in a setting where a translation project is in progress. Leading up to this capstone experience, you will receive extensive training in Greek and Hebrew, as well as in various aspects of linguistics and translation. This concentration is an additional 25 credits, with several of the courses being taught by translation consultants and linguists in summer modules.


Each student will:
  • Exegete and interpret Scripture carefully and accurately.
  • Analyze and understand peoples and cultures and how to communicate well across cultures.
  • Apply Scripture effectively across cultures and in new situations.
  • Demonstrate growth in intercultural skills through an apprenticeship.