Ministry Studies, MA

Establishing and Ministering to Local Churches

Newly structured: 36-42 credits with concentrations in church ministry and church planting & revitalization.

In both concentrations, students do not need to take up residence in the Greenville area.

Courses can be taken in residence, online, through advanced modules or evening flex classes. Many of the residential, advanced modules, and evening flex classes are livestreamed as well.


The goal of the MA in Ministry Studies (MAMS) degree is to give you competency and real-world experience to serve and strengthen established churches or to plant new churches. Also, all of the credits from the MA in Ministry Studies may be rolled into the Master of Divinity degree upon successful completion.

The MA in Ministries studies is for those who desire to be in church leadership or part of a church plant or revitalization project. It will give you the hands-on training to start, restart, and develop local churches.


Timothy, Titus, Euodia, Syntyche, Clement: What these men and women have in common is that they each labored alongside Paul for the establishment and growth of churches through the ministry of the Gospel (Phil. 4:3; 1 Tim. 1:3; Titus 1:5). If the Lord has burdened you with this same calling, the MA in Ministry Studies will uniquely prepare you to serve His church through both academic rigor and hands-on experience. The Ministry Studies degree gives special attention to your ability to understand and teach the eternal truths of God’s Word while equipping you to meet the special challenges of today’s church. Also, we have designed the courses in this program for maximum flexibility for those already in ministry, with many of them offered as online or module courses.


The core of the Ministry Studies degree program focuses on knowledge and interpretation of the Scriptures while the concentrations allow you to select from a range of courses designed to prepare you for a specific area of ministry.

The concentration in Church Ministry will allow you to emphasize training in pastoral leadership, discipleship, counseling, church worship, or a combination of these disciplines. You will be able to perform a lead or supporting role in an established local church in various areas of the teaching ministry, including women’s ministries. You will also be able to assist in the supporting ministries of a local church or parachurch ministry, including the ministries of counseling, one-on-one discipleship, evangelism, youth ministry, and public worship.

The concentration in Church Planting and Revitalization will offer you specialized training in the essential areas needed to plant new churches or to revitalize struggling churches. You will learn how to research and exegete the demographics of a community for maximum evangelism and church growth potential; design an effective strategy to reach a community with the Gospel through the local church; and organize a contextualized church planting/revitalization ministry in a way that meets the needs of a specific community while remaining faithful to the Scriptures.

The Church Planting and Revitalization concentration in particular requires you to complete a minimum of four specialized courses offered as on-site seminars in designated cities in the U.S. These courses are designed to optimize hands-on ministry training for church-planters. Each day will include morning class time, afternoon ministry in the city, and an evening recap and discussion time. Both concentrations require an internship and integration project that will help you turn biblical principles into real experience. There are no Greek or Hebrew requirements for this degree.

COURSES (34-40 Credits)


Each student will be able to:


  • Organize and lead local church ministry in a way that reflects a mature understanding of sound biblical doctrine and leadership principles.
  • Formulate biblically sound theological beliefs that show critical thinking and experienced knowledge of the Scriptures.
  • Communicate biblical truth, especially through careful writing and culturally effective preaching or teaching, while giving attention to sound hermeneutics.

Church Ministry

Church Planting/Revitalization