Seminary Journal Volume 3, Number 2: Spring 2023

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Books reviewed in this issue

Five Views of Christ in the Old Testament

Edited by Brian J. Tabb and Andrew M. King

Reviewed by Ken Casillas

Typology—Understanding the Bible’s Promise-Shaped Patterns: How Old Testament Expectations Are Fulfilled in Christ

By James M. Hamilton Jr.

Reviewed by Jonathan M. Cheek

Why Believe?: A Reasoned Approach to Christianity

By Neil Shenvi

Reviewed by Brent Cook

Changed from Glory into Glory: The Liturgical Story of the Christian Faith

By Scott Aniol

Reviewed by Ted Miller

Workers for Your Joy: The Call of Christ on Christian Leaders

By David Mathis

Reviewed by Jim Newcomer

Covenantal and Dispensational Theologies: Four Views on the Continuity of Scripture

Edited by Brent E. Parker and Richard J. Lucas

Reviewed by Layton Talbert