CoRE Conference 2015 – In the World, But Not of It

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Session Resources

  1. Why is the Topic of Wordliness Important Today? – Steve Pettit
  2. God’s Call to Distinctive Living – Randy Leedy
  3. The World’s Pressure Upon the Believer – Tim Lovegrove
  4. The World’s Warfare Against Christians – Tim Lovegrove
  5. The World’s Ally Within the Believer – Mark Minnick
  6. Rightly Analyzing Human Culture – Brian Hand
  7. Rightly Submitting to God – Gary Reimers
  8. Rightly Interpreting God’s Word – Ken Casillas
  9. Rightly Applying the Word of God – Steve Hankins
  10. Rightly Handling Disagreements – Layton Talbert
  11. Rightly Developing Discernment – Tim Lovegrove
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