CoRE Conference to Deal with Depression in the Church

CoRE Conference to Deal with Depression in the Church

BJU Seminary’s CoRE Conference — January 29–31 — will focus on the topic, “The Return of Hope: Dealing with Depression in the Church.”

A 2023 study by Gallup and Walton Family Foundation asked GenZers 18 to 26 years old to characterize their general outlook on life. Each person could choose one of three categories: thriving, struggling or suffering. Only 41% identified themselves as “thriving.” In comparison, the previous generation, Millennials, chose the “thriving” category at the same age at a rate of 60%. The rising generation is losing hope — and Christians are, too.

Although Christians, on the whole, experience depression in lower frequency than unbelievers, The Psychiatry Resource shows that many believers surprisingly suffer from a lack of personal hope as well.

At BJU Seminary’s CoRE Conference, speakers will carefully lay the biblical groundwork for understanding the problem of depression and despair and then equip the church to help fellow believers return to the hope and joy God promised in this broken world.

Keynote speakers will include:

  • Tim Jordan, retired pastor of 44 years of Calvary Baptist Church, Lansdale, Pennsylvania.
    Dan Dionne, ACBC certified internal medicine physician and former chief of staff of a hospital in Spokane, Washington.
    Brian Hand, BJU Seminary professor.
    Stuart Scott, BJU Seminary professor and ACBC Fellow, director of ACBC membership.

They will be joined by Alan Benson, acting CEO of Bob Jones University, Jim Berg, Steve Cruice, Kelli Dionne, Pearson Johnson, Greg Mazak and Bruce Meyer.

Throughout the conference, they will address such topics as depression, medications, suicide, dealing with loss, children of divorce, forgiveness, dealing with medical illness and helping children with anxiety.

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