About Theology in 3D

This site approaches the truth of God in three dimensions, from three angles: Old Testament, New Testament, and Theology. As faculty members at BJU Seminary, each of us specializes in one of these areas. We each enjoy writing within our own field and also interacting with the others from the standpoint of our discipline.

Ken Casillas, PhD
Old Testament

I joined the BJU Bible faculty in 2001. I teach primarily in the Seminary, specializing in OT introduction, languages, exposition, and theology.

Greg Stiekes, PhD
New Testament

I began teaching at BJU Seminary in January of 2016 after many years as a pastor in North Carolina. I teach a variety of New Testament, biblical exposition, and worship courses.

Layton Talbert, PhD

I teach a variety of theology courses on the masters and doctoral-level, as well as OT and NT exposition courses.