Ken Casillas

about ken

I thank the Lord for a strong Christian heritage and for the privilege of growing up as a “missionary kid” on the island of Puerto Rico. I’ve been exposed to the gospel all my life and came to Christ as a child. I entered Bob Jones University in 1987, and during the Soulwinning Conference that December I became convinced that the Lord was calling me to a ministry of the Word.

After completing a PhD in Old Testament Interpretation, I joined the BJU Bible faculty in 2001. I teach primarily in the Seminary, specializing in Old Testament introduction, languages, exposition, and theology. I enjoy bringing out the relevance of the Old Testament for the believer. At the heart of that is highlighting how the truths of the Old Testament come to their consummation in the person and work of Christ.

I’m fluent in Spanish, and for six years I mentored students in Christian service through the BJU Spanish Mission Team. As time allows, I count it a privilege to continue traveling to Spanish-speaking countries to provide biblical training to national leaders.

While attending seminary I joined Mount Calvary Baptist Church, where I eventually served as elder for twelve years. Presently I serve as senior pastor of Cleveland Park Bible Church in Spartanburg, SC.  My wife’s name is Soraya, and God has blessed us with five children: Daniel, Joshua, Anna Grace, and twins Abigail and Samuel.