Layton Talbert

Personal Introduction

I grew up Catholic and was saved at the age of 15 through the influence of a small Bible church in Charleston, SC. I acquired my B.A. in Bible (Greek Minor) from BJU (1982), as well as my M.A. in Theology (1985) and Ph.D. in Theology from BJU Seminary & Graduate School of Religion (1993). I taught for 3 years as an adjunct professor at Baptist College of Ministry in Menomonee Falls, WI (1998-2001), and have taught at BJU Seminary & Graduate School since 2001. I’ve been married to Esther since 1982 and have five awesome kids (plus one equally awesome daughter-in-law).

Personal Notes

  • Grew up hunting and fishing in the Carolina lowcountry
  • Member of Mount Calvary Baptist Church (Greenville, SC) since 1979
  • Married at an outdoor wedding during a violent thunderstorm (1982)
  • Retired from UPS after 25 years part-time
  • Been to Israel twice (1981; 2011)
  • Performed in four Shakespeare plays (Winter’s TaleTempestTaming of the ShrewRichard III) and one Thornton Wilder play (Our Town)
  • Some favorite movies: Henry V (1989); Temple Grandin; Little Dorrit (2008); Richard II(2013); Our Mutual Friend (2005); Our Town (2009); The Book Thief; Life is Beautiful; Interstellar; Lord of the Rings; Bonhoeffer, Agent of Grace (Series: Foyle’s War; Yes, Minister; Yes, Prime Minister; Poirot)
  • Taught and preached in churches from Corinth, ME to Seattle, WA as well as in Canada and New Zealand.


  • Reading (theology, history, Israel, fiction, nature, humor)
  • Outdoor activities (including birding, deering, and farming … well, vegetable gardening)
  • Daytripping with the family (Blue Ridge Parkway, small NC towns)
  • Southern BBQ
  • Movies (Shakespeare, Dickens, Tolkien, good animated movies, etc.)
  • Classical music and movie soundtracks
  • Being with my wife and kids


  • Not by Chance: Learning to Trust a Sovereign God (BJ Press, 2001) 322 pp. A biblical theological study of God’s providence throughout the Bible in a lay-friendly text with meatier endnotes.
  • Beyond Suffering: Discovering the Message of Job (BJ Press, 2007) 378 pp. A reader’s commentary on the book of Job in a lay-friendly text with extensive endnotes.
  • The Trustworthiness of God’s Words: God’s Passion for His Integrity (publication pending). A biblical theological case, aimed at believers, for the trustworthiness of all of God’s words (history, prophecy, proposition, or promise) and God’s passion to be believed solely on the basis of them.
  • Contributing Editor, Frontline magazine (1993-present)