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Biblical Worldview Foundations

Ken Casillas | November 14, 2018
New Testament

In another post I shared a paper read by Layton Talbert at this fall’s Theological Research Symposium. Here I’m sharing the other paper presented. It’s by Dr. Brian Collins, Biblical Worldview Lead Specialist at BJU Press. Brian was a contributor to the Press’s flagship worldview textbook and has developed considerable expertise in thinking Christianly about life issues. His paper is an in-depth study of Genesis 1:26-28, addressing a number of debated points regarding this foundational text. I greatly appreciate Brian’s scholarship and devotion to God’s Word and God’s glory! Click below to read his paper, and click here to visit his blog.

2 responses to “Biblical Worldview Foundations”

  1. […] I presented a paper at the BJU Seminary symposium for Fall 2018 on Genesis 1:26-28. The paper is posted on the Theology in 3D website. I’m thankful for the opportunity to present the paper, and I welcome […]

  2. Spencer says:

    The link to download Brian’s paper is broken. Would it be possible for you to fix this?


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